It’s Time to Rethink
Patient Engagement

In our new eBook we step back and ask
not what is patient engagement, but
what is an engaged patient?

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Defining your unique answer.

Our new eBook, The Engaged Patient: A Strategic Approach to the Patient Experience, will help you construct a patient engagement approach that is rooted in your organization’s strategies and the unique needs of your patients.


“One Size Fits All” is a Tired Approach

Patient engagement does not—and should not—mean the same thing for every organization and ever patient. Rather than asking what patient engagement means, it’s time to take a step back and ask: What does an engaged patient actually look like in different situations?

Here’s What You’ll Learn


See patient engagement from a new perspective, by reconsidering the envioronment of our system and acknowledging the trends that are re-shaping how we deliver and how consumers expect to receive care.


Evaluate your organizational strategies and choose patient engagement tactics and approaches to help accomplish your strategies.


Understand a patient’s unique needs by not creating a one-size fits all approach to your tactics, but rather one that considers a patient’s unique set of incentives, pain-points, etc.


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Learn how to create a strategy unique to your
organization and patients.

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The Complete Picture
In One View

The RelayHealth Enterprise Patient Portal sits on top of our data acquisition and aggregation platform, giving patients a secure, convenient, single point of access to their healthcare information.

Patients can view their medical records, communicate with their care team, and manage multiple provider portals from one place—on any device, at any time.


RelayHealth Clinical Connectivity

Vendor-neutral and SaaS-based, the RelayHealth platform acquires, aggregates, and normalizes health information across the care continuum to form a single view of a patient and a larger view of patient populations.

We use this single view to power the provider connectivity, patient access, clinical integration, and data analytics solutions that support cost-effective delivery of coordinated, value-based care.