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Give patients access to a complete, single view of their health—
on any device, at any time.

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The Enterprise Patient Portal provides the tools and features that make it easier than ever for patients to engage with their health — but there’s more to it than just convenience.

Our patient portal is built on a robust platform that connects data across multiple care settings to create one complete view of a patient’s health.


What makes our patient portal different?


Unrivaled Interoperability

Establish interoperability with over 225 different EHR vendor applications to create a single, complete view of a patient across diverse technology ecosystems.

Single Point of Access

Link multiple third-party portals to give patients one central spot to access their complete healthcare information—no matter where their data is stored — on any device, at any time.

Reliability and Scalability

Build on a robust, scalable platform that processes 2.2 billion clinical transactions every year, ensuring we reliably deliver information at scale to optimizine — not replace — existing investments.

Connect beyond the point of care.

With access to complete health information in one central place, patients have the information and tools they need to take charge of their health — at their convenience, on their own terms.


Reliability and Scalability

Build on a robust, scalable platform that processes 2.2 billion clinical transactions every year.

Convenient Access

Patients get single sign-on access from any device or browser to all things health related — whether it’s viewing lab results, refilling prescriptions or paying a bill.

Always-On Answers

Patients can simply and securely communicate with their care team at any time to get answers between visits, enabling providers to play a meaningful role beyond the point of care.

“The good thing about the RelayHealth Enterprise Patient Portal is that patients can have their information in their hands, wherever they are…it makes it much easier for them.”

Theresa DaSilva, RN, BSN
HIE coordinator
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

RelayHealth Clinical Connectivity

Vendor-neutral and SaaS-based, the RelayHealth platform acquires, aggregates, and normalizes health information across the care continuum to form a single view of a patient and a larger view of patient populations.

We use this single view to power the provider connectivity, patient access, clinical integration, and data analytics solutions that support cost-effective delivery of coordinated, value-based care.