Interoperability for the Common Good

RelayHealth is a founding member in an Alliance to support, promote seamless interoperability of and access to patient data across the healthcare system.

As a long-time proponent of vendor-neutral interoperability, it was natural for RelayHealth to engage with HIT vendors who were normally viewed as competitors as a founding member of the CommonWell Health Alliance.

The idea for the Alliance grew out of conversations between members of the ONC’s interoperability workgroup. McKesson and Cerner came together to initially form the Alliance out of a recognition of the need to support and promote seamless interoperability of and access to patient data across the healthcare system as an industry.

RelayHealth Platform Services

RelayHealth Platform Services will be the technology foundation used in the pilot period by which the Alliance will be able to achieve its initial goals. The first Platform Services leveraged by the Alliance will be:

  • Cross-entity linking and matching management services: The ability to link, match and access a patient’s information as he moves from care setting to care setting, regardless of the underlying software system
  • Patient consent and data access management: A patient-centered means to simplify the management of consents and authorizations for data sharing
  • Patient record locator and directed query services: The ability to deliver a history of recent patient care encounters and, with appropriate authorization, patient data across multiple providers and episodes of care.

The RelayHealth HIE

HIEs provide deep connectivity in support a health system or region’s needs to achieve population health, improved transitions of care, better care management, and increased healthcare efficiency.

The RelayHealth HIE will have many of the Platform Services that the Alliance will use built directly into it. The Alliance will help HIEs by certifying services that create a common platform of broader, scalable interoperability for linking and matching, consent, and secure data access.

RelayHealth HIE customers already interoperating with multiple EMRs will have some of the capabilities offered through services that will be certified by the Alliance, but customers of EMR vendors also participating in the Alliance will also receive:

  • More services embedded directly in workflow and user interface
  • Potential connections and access to other Alliance members outside of their HIEs
  • More efficient ability to exchange data within your own EMR vendor and other consortium vendor participants

A Strong Alliance

On Sunday, March 10th, Arien Malec, VP Strategy and Product Marketing at RelayHealth, and David McCallie MD, VP Medical Infromatics at Cerner, answered questions and spoke about the CommonWell Health Alliance's vision in a guest blog post on Forbes. Read more here.

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