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Patient Satisfaction and Collections – Achieving a Difficult Balance

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Healthcare reform and the influx of newly-insured patients with high-deductible plans have spurred a very real need for hospitals to collect patients’ financial responsibilities early and often in the care cycle. It’s a difficult job that’s not pleasant for the financial counselor or the patient. Factor in the ongoing need to improve patient satisfaction, and the situation is even more complex. But are improved collections and higher patient satisfaction mutually exclusive?

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Tales from the ICD-10 Front Lines: A Case Study in Readiness

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We don’t need to tell you that the new ICD-10 deadline is exactly one year away. (Okay, we just did…)  ICD-10 readiness is all about process – there’s no magic technology that solves everything. One of the most important – and misunderstood – processes is testing. There are multiple ways to test ICD-10 claims, and not all methods are equal. Here's a story that illustrates this point.

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The Countdown to ICD-10 Has Begun … Again

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So what are you doing over the next 12 months?  If you are with a hospital or health system, ICD-10 no doubt factors into your plans … in a big way. To commemorate the anniversary of the delayed deadline, and the start of the home stretch to implementation, RelayHealth Financial published another cartoon.

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What are Three Top-of-Mind Issues for a Health System CIO?

Healthcare CIO , Atlantic Health System , RelayHealth , RelayHealth Financial , Business Intelligence , Mobility , Accountable Care , Revenue Cycle , Revenue Cycle Management , ICD-10 , Healthcare IT , Patient Engagement

Atlantic Health System CIO Linda Reed talks candidly about her three biggest challenges this year and why healthcare CIOs may be the busiest and most stressed CIOs in the United States.

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ICD-10 Lessons: Don’t Procrastinate. Keep on Testing. Use Analytics to Get Your Bearings.

RelayHealth , RelayHealth Financial , ICD-10 , Healthcare IT , Revenue Cycle , Revenue Cycle Management

To say that some people are passionate about ICD-10 is an understatement. One person who puts the passion into the mission is RelayHealth Financial ICD-10 Director Joshua Berman, who we cornered at ANI in Las Vegas for quick, unscripted video interview. Berman shares his thoughts on ICD-10 readiness, the deadline delay, and what healthcare providers should be doing now (not later). His advice: Don’t procrastinate – move forward and be ready.

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Case Study: Patient Registration Accuracy Fuels Clean Claims Success

Posted by Traci Detchon - Senior Product Marketing Manager on August 28, 2014

Community Healthcare System , RelayHealth , RelayHealth Financial , AhiQa , Revenue Cycle , Revenue Cycle Management , Healthcare IT , Patient Registration

Community Healthcare System (CHS), serving northwest Indiana, is composed of three non-profit hospitals that were all looking for technical help to improve the quality and cleanliness of their claims. Knowing that the registration process was becoming more and more complex, they sought a solution that would help their upfront staff both increase their registration data accuracy and allow them to apply their own custom rules to help solve downstream claims issues.

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A New Value-Based Model for Utilization Management

McKesson Health Solutions , RelayHealth , RelayHealth Financial , Utilization Management , Pre-Authorization , Authorization , Value-Based Reimbursement , VBR , Revenue Cycle Management

Quick show of hands: How many providers love the manual processes involved in authorizations?

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Need Strategies for Faster Patient Payment in the Wake of the HIX Transition?

HIX , revenue cycle , healthcare revenue cycle , collections , charity

Shifting financial realities are forcing hospitals to adopt new practices to keep the cash flowing.

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Medication Safety Technology Helps Prevent Acetaminophen Overdosing, Provides Pharmacies with other Safeguards

acetaminophen overdosing , FDA , RelayRx™ RxSafety Advisor

As one of the most commonly used drugs in the U.S., acetaminophen serves as an active ingredient in hundreds of over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medicines. It’s also one of the easiest to overdose considering that a patient has unfettered access to OTC versions. While acetaminophen’s OTC status lulls many patients into believing it’s nearly harmless, taking four grams in a 24-hour period has been linked over and over again to liver injury.

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RelayHealth Financial’s Josh Berman on ICD-10 Readiness in Healthcare Finance News

healthcare revenue cycle , revcycle , ICD10 , Joshua Berman , providers

With the clock ticking toward the October 1st deadline for ICD-10, many providers still have a lot of preparation work to complete.

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