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Taming the Complexity of Medi-Cal

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Most hospitals grapple with generating clean claims, streamlining claims management, and gaining insight into the source of denials. For California healthcare providers, these challenges are heightened by the requirements of Medi-Cal, the state’s publicly-funded Medicaid program. To shed light on some of the processes and tools that can help providers overcome Medi-Cal’s complexity and boost overall revenue cycle performance, RelayHealth Financial offers two new resources.

A new white paper, “Five Ways to Improve Medi-Cal Claims Processing,” presents five steps that providers can adopt to help increase Medi-Cal claims processing efficiencies, reduce denials and, ultimately, speed reimbursement. Download and read the white paper here.

And a new cases study, “Clean Claims, Insight into Denial Sources Spur Billing Efficiencies for Central California Hospital,” tells how one provider used RelayAssurance Plus to get a handle on Medi-Cal’s exhaustive coding requirements, and RelayAnalytics Acuity to better identify the sources of denials. Download and read the case study here.

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