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Six Steps to Price Transparency–Boosting Collections and Improving Patient Satisfaction

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At first glance, increased patient collections and improved patient satisfaction don’t appear to be linked. But there’s a lot to be said for the power of price transparency when it comes to patient engagement. After all, patients want visibility into what they will owe, and a happy patient is much more likely to satisfy his or her financial obligation.

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Case Study: Wallace Thomson Hospital Automates to Maximize Limited Resources

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Effective revenue cycle management can be a challenge for any hospital, but for smaller providers it is even tougher.

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Unifying Patient Identity Across Organizational Boundaries

Posted by Chris Ingersoll - Vice President, Clinical Architecture on June 5, 2015

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In 2013, the Centers for Disease Control reported that nearly 80% of healthcare providers had implemented an electronic health record (EHR) system. Industry leaders believe that the ability to digitize data at the point of care is an important—and necessary—step toward the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's (IHI) Triple Aim: improving patient experience and population health while lowering costs.

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Real-time Rx Technology Prevents Potential Lethal Medication Toxicity

Posted by Pat daCosta, PharmD, RPh - Senior Product Manager, Clinical Pharmacy Services on April 29, 2015

LASA , Pat daCosta , Warfarin , drug safety , patient safety

Anticoagulants are considered one of the most at-risk classes of medication for adverse events. Warfarin, a frequently prescribed medication from this class in the United States, appears on the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) list of high-alert medications[1]. During the last quarter of 2014, several prescriptions were involved in errors where Warfarin was originally submitted and after real-time alerts from RelayHealth's RxSafety Advisor® a medication that appears to be a look-alike/sound alike (LASA) to warfarin was ultimately dispensed.

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Transforming Digital Prescribing To Deliver Patient-centered Care

ePrescribing , patient-centered , EHR , value-based care

As the healthcare industry continues to undergo a significant evolution, one area ripe for change is today's prescribing environment. Examining current trends can help us understand how digital prescribing may evolve over the next one to three years: the ongoing adoption of health information systems and related reinforcement of standards and connected information flow offers opportunity to transform electronic prescribing while improving patient access and lowering care costs.

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HIMSS 2015: Attend Our Patient Portal Demo

HIMSS 2015 , Patient portal

The patient experience no longer revolves around a single doctor, or even a single facility. This change has created a clear challenge: patients and providers need a better way to access and exchange information.

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Webinar Recap: Keys to Building a Successful Patient Engagement Strategy

Patient engagement , meaningful use , patient electronic access , patient portal , risk-based contacting , value-based care

In "Keys to Building a Successful Patient Engagement Strategy," the CIO and VP of Patient Engagement at Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine, Florida, discusses how they implemented a patient engagement strategy designed to meet and exceed the 5% view, download, or transmit measure. Doug Biehn, VP Enterprise HIE & Patient Engagement, of RelayHealth® Clinical Connectivity closed out the webinar by talking about how healthcare organizations can leverage patient engagement to achieve enterprise-wide strategic goals beyond Meaningful Use.

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Ebola and Patient Education: What Physicians Need to Know

RelayHealth , Physicians , Ebola , Patient Education

RelayHealth adult infectious disease specialist Summerpal Kahlon, MD provides advice for U.S. physicians who are now fielding frantic questions from their patients about Ebola. Read Dr. Kahlon’s article on actions to take, and the role of physicians as educators and reassuring sources of truth.

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Keeping Patients Safe: Diflucan versus Diflunisal

Posted by Pat daCosta, PharmD, RPh - Senior Product Manager, Clinical Pharmacy Services on October 23, 2014

patient safety , adverse drug events , pharmacist , RxSafety Advisor , Pat daCosta , LASA , "look alike sound alike"

Automation plays an ever-growing role in patient safety by helping eliminate human error as drug inventories continue to expand. In August of this year, a prescription error was prevented when an adult patient’s prescription was fulfilled with diflunisal instead of diflucan, the intended prescription.

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Best Practices in Patient Engagement, Point of Service Collections

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Nine months into the Health Insurance Exchange era and one thing is clear – hospitals need new tools and strategies to keep cash flowing. Most people are choosing high-deductible plans and owe more out of pocket. Meanwhile, hospitals and health systems work to facilitate patient financial clearance, and collect as early and as often as possible. In a new webcast, lead analyst firm Gartner and RelayHealth recently discussed best practices for patient engagement and point of service collections.

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