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The Interoperability Evolution

Posted by Arien Malec - Vice President, Strategy and Product Marketing on April 8, 2016

Interoperability , HITECH Act , EHR , CommonWell , FHIR , person-centered interoperability

The current state of interoperability is not unlike Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." In the history of clinical medicine, we have more interoperability than ever before — more electronic data is flowing in more places for more purposes. Yet, there's also more frustration about the state of interoperability leading to more attention across our industry and our country than ever before.

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Top Three Insights from the HL7 FHIR® Connectathon

Posted by Elisabeth Berger - Data Platform Product Manager with RelayHealth on February 25, 2016

RelayHealth , interoperability , FHIR , health information exchange , APIs , standards , HL7

My first trip to the FHIR Connectathon in Orlando, Florida, last month was everything I'd been told to expect. It was filled with HL7®, masterminds, brilliant developers, exceptional healthcare speakers, and a slew of erudite Connectathon participants. While my primary objective was to test-drive FHIR, I'd like to share three unexpected and exciting discoveries that made my Connectathon experience unique.

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Transforming Digital Prescribing To Deliver Patient-centered Care

ePrescribing , patient-centered , EHR , value-based care

As the healthcare industry continues to undergo a significant evolution, one area ripe for change is today's prescribing environment. Examining current trends can help us understand how digital prescribing may evolve over the next one to three years: the ongoing adoption of health information systems and related reinforcement of standards and connected information flow offers opportunity to transform electronic prescribing while improving patient access and lowering care costs.

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McKesson on FHIR

Posted by Arien Malec - Vice President, Strategy and Product Marketing on December 8, 2014

Interoperability , HL7 , CommonWell , FHIR

As a nation, we have made great strides in the deployment and use of health information technology. With the transition to value based care delivery models, we must ensure that technology is interoperable to enable better care delivery, better health, and greater efficiency of care delivery.

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Revenue Cycle Sophistication in Rural America

Posted by Charlotte Adams - Senior Product Marketing Manager on August 27, 2013

healthcare revenue cycle , revcycle , analytics , Sky Lakes Medical Center

Don’t confuse "rural" with "behind-the-times." Andrew Molatore may be able to teach you a thing or two about the healthcare revenue cycle. Andrew is the director of patient financial services at Sky Lakes Medical Center in Klamath Falls, Oregon. His 176-bed hospital is a well-oiled machine when it comes to financials. They even have patients saying how great they are and "upping the ante" with other nearby facilities when it comes to their billing processes.

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Removing the Obstacles in Patient Billing: Gwinnett Medical Center Case Study

Posted by Lora Schwenk Quinn - Sr. Director, Product Marketing on April 30, 2013

patient billing , healthcare revenue cycle management , Gwinnett Medical Center , RelayHealth , patient portal , patient financial engagement

My elementary school had an obstacle course, which we frequently used during P.E. It had a wall to scale, a climbing rope and various other things that were either scary or annoying to a girl who just wanted to sit in a quiet place and read a book.

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Patient‑Centered Medical Home Solution Positively Impacts Care Delivery and Patient Engagement

Posted by Michael Davidson - Field Marketing Specialist on April 4, 2013

Patient-Centered Medical Home , Patient Engagement , Department of Defense Military Health System , DOD , National Naval Medical Center , secure messaging , Blue Button

Many providers, including the Department of Defense (DOD) Military Health System, are piloting patient engagement projects.  DOD implemented a patient-centered care model leveraging a user-friendly patient information platform that will support its long-term patient engagement goals. 


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We’re In! - RelayHealth is A Proud Founding Member of the CommonWell Health Alliance

Posted by Marchell Gillis - Digital PR Manager on March 6, 2013

RelayHealth , HIMSS13 , CommonWell , interop , interoperability , patient engagement

It’s official - The CommonWell Health Alliance, announced on March 4th at HIMSS13, is planned to be an independent not-for-profit organization that will support universal, trusted access to health care data through seamless interoperability. The organization is touted by many HIMSS13 attendees as a major step forward in improving healthcare interoperability.

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RelayHealth Focuses on Patient Engagement and Interoperability for HIMSS13

Posted by Marchell Gillis - Digital PR Manager on February 21, 2013

Patient engagement , interoperability , care coordination , physician alignment , population health , HIMSS , HIMSS13

While much of the healthcare industry agrees that improving patient outcomes and managing cost are objectives of healthcare reform, the "how" remains the challenge for many.


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The U.S. Army Brings McDonald Army Health Center Online with Secure Messaging

Posted by Marchell Gillis - Digital PR Manager on October 16, 2012

care coordination , secure messaging , RelayHealth , military medical home , patient-centered medical home , PCMH

McDonald Army Health Center is the most recent U.S. Army health care facility to implement secure messaging powered by RelayHealth to connect providers and their patients.  According to a recent announcement on the Joint Base Langley-Eustis website, Army Medicine's Secure Messaging System will coordinate care between the health care team and patients wherever they are, any time of day, allowing them to safely send a message to a doctor or nurse from the comfort and privacy of home.

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