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RelayHealth Financial’s Josh Berman on ICD-10 Readiness in Healthcare Finance News

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With the clock ticking toward the October 1st deadline for ICD-10, many providers still have a lot of preparation work to complete.

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Munson Healthcare Streamlines Billing Processes and Increases Patient Collections to over $1 Million

Posted by Traci Detchon - Senior Product Marketing Manager on January 7, 2014

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Munson Healthcare can trace its origins back nearly a century to Dr. James Decker Munson, who donated a boarding house for use as a community hospital in 1915. The Traverse City hospital, later called Munson Medical Center, was northern Michigan’s first general hospital. If Dr. Munson could see his donated boarding house today, he’d be very proud: Munson Healthcare now includes the flagship, 391-licensed bed Munson Medical Center and seven other partner hospitals in a regional, nonprofit healthcare system.

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The clock won’t stop ticking: It’s time to test your ICD-10 readiness

Posted by Joshua L Berman - ICD-10 Director for RelayHealth Financial on December 16, 2013

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Your health system’s ability to continue to get reimbursed quickly and accurately hinges on its ICD-10 readiness. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Non-compliant files will be rejected after October 1, 2014. And “rejected” means only one thing: you won’t get paid.

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How Any Organization Can Become #1 With Its Customers

Posted by Kevin Carroll - VP of Customer Relations for RelayHealth Financial Solutions on December 8, 2013

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We recently got some exciting news—exciting because there’s nothing more important to us than ensuring our customers are successful. In fact, keeping customers happy should be the most important objective of any organization. And there’s one metric above all that shows if your company is achieving that goal: customer satisfaction.

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Revenue Cycle Sophistication in Rural America

Posted by Charlotte Adams - Senior Product Marketing Manager on August 27, 2013

healthcare revenue cycle , revcycle , analytics , Sky Lakes Medical Center

Don’t confuse "rural" with "behind-the-times." Andrew Molatore may be able to teach you a thing or two about the healthcare revenue cycle. Andrew is the director of patient financial services at Sky Lakes Medical Center in Klamath Falls, Oregon. His 176-bed hospital is a well-oiled machine when it comes to financials. They even have patients saying how great they are and "upping the ante" with other nearby facilities when it comes to their billing processes.

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The Need for Speed: Good Samaritan Health System Accelerates Claim Acceptance Rate

Posted by Charlotte Adams - Senior Product Marketing Manager on August 8, 2013

Good Samaritan Health System , healthcare revenue cycle management , revcycle , revenue cycle management , claims management services , hospital revenue cycle management , healthcare analytics , healthcare business intelligence

Good Samaritan Health System in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, is all about speed. Speed of payment, that is. The path to payment can sometimes be riddled with obstacles both big and small. However, no matter the size, obstacles can cause payment delays.

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Happy Financial Endings…Or Less Painful Ones, At Least …for All

Posted by Lora Schwenk Quinn - Sr. Director, Product Marketing on July 30, 2013

healthcare revenue cycle management , healthcare revcycle , patient billing , patient financial engagement , online healthcare bill pay , hospital revenue cycle management

Several years ago, I was unexpectedly in the hospital for about a week. A mysterious illness landed me in the critical care unit, and when I was nearly back to normal, I received my statement in the mail.

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HFMA ANI 2013: Final Analysis

Posted by Marchell Gillis - Digital PR Manager on July 11, 2013

ANI2013 , HFMA ANI 2013 , RelayHealth , Jason Williams , RelayHealth Pulse , Pulse Perspective , healthcare revenue cycle , revcycle , ICD-10

Before HFMA ANI2013 becomes a fond summer memory, Jason Williams, RelayHealth Vice President of Analytics, offers up his final observations of the conference from concerns about ICD-10 to the challenge of integrating financial and clinical data in support of payment reform.

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Jump Start Your Revenue Cycle Management Process with Benchmarking in 2013

Posted by Traci Detchon - Senior Product Marketing Manager on January 8, 2013

revcycle , healthcare revenue cycle management , benchmarking , healthcare analytics , healthcare benchmarking

In December 2012, RelayHealth sponsored a webinar with Healthcare Finance News, Accelerating Service-to-Payment Velocity which helped attendees learn to identify the most impactful opportunities for accelerating payment from payers using new insights into claims data. One of the most interesting pieces of information from the webinar was a live polling question that asked attendees:

Is your organization effectively integrating insights from benchmarking within your revenue cycle management processes?

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Find Cash, Mitigate Revenue Loss – Earn a HIMSS Continuing Education Credit

Posted by Traci Detchon - Senior Product Marketing Manager on December 4, 2012

healthcare revenue cycle management , point of service collections , revcycle , payor , payer

We’ve shared on our blog and other resources the ways that hospitals and health systems can accelerate payments from governmental and commercial payers, including using new insights into claims data.  On December 12, we are sponsoring a webinar with Healthcare Finance News to share with you these tips and provide you with an opportunity to ask questions.

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