Mitigating Financial Risk During Disruptive Change

Sep 30, 2013

Healthcare finance leaders are facing a great deal of change that has the potential to disrupt cash flow. Mitigating negative financial impact will be a priority especially in the coming months as the ICD-10 transition takes place. Some providers are facing significant internal changes as well that pose a similar financial risk. For instance, implementation of new payment models can catapult organizations from their comfort zone and can affect the bottom line.

What do finance leaders need to prepare for this change?

Data — data has the potential to either drown or propel organizations.

Join RelayHealth and Healthcare Finance News for a webinar that will outline a four-step, data-centric risk assessment and mitigation framework designed to help providers prepare for and succeed during disruptive change.

  • Learn the types of data that will be meaningful in preparing for disruptive industry change
  • Understand how to use data to assess, prioritize and track changes before, during and after major disruptions
  • Recognize the value of comparing performance with similar peers before, during and after major industry events

Speaker: Jason Williams, Vice President, Business Analytics, RelayHealth

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