Physician Alignment Solutions

Improve Physician Partnerships in Your Facility

Improve the ordering experience for physicians to boost your ancillary business.

  • Increase order volume
  • Increase efficiencies in the orders and results processes
  • Increase physician satisfaction
  • Qualify for Meaningful Use

Diagnostic tests represent a large portion of your business.  You have the facilities, equipment, staff, and capacity to meet the needs of your community.  Despite that, your competitors are pulling business away from you.  How can you make it easier for your physicians to do business with you? 

As EMR adoption rises, it’s important to help your physicians get the most out of their EMR workflows.  RelayHealth’s proven Physician Alignment solution boosts your diagnostic business by connecting directly to your employed and community physicians’ EMRs. 

  • Physicians place diagnostic orders using their EMR’s native interface
  • Orders are electronically routed to your facilities
  • Results are electronically returned to your physicians’ EMR native interface with the correct patient ID, and order ID

Registering patients, entering orders, returning results, and all of the administrative overhead takes time.  RelayHealth’s Physician Alignment solution is designed to simplify your staff’s workflow.

  • Patients are electronically registered with the registration system
  • Orders electronically arrive in the filling system with the correct patient ID, visit ID, and orderable compendium ID
  • Results are electronically delivered back to the EMR where the order originated

Helping physicians place orders and receive results in their native EMR is good for your ancillary business, and it also helps you qualify for Meaningful Use.


  • Full EMR integration
  • Closed-loop, bi-directional orders and results
  • Electronic patient registration
  • Compendium mapping
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