RelayClinical™ EHR

Connectivity Solutions to Help You Demonstrate Meaningful Use

RelayHealth offers RelayClinical™ EHR, a complete certified ambulatory EHR application which facilitates effective and efficient care collaboration. For eligible providers, this solution delivers the tools to demonstrate meaningful use. For hospitals, it provides the tools to accomplish clinical integration goals and fill gaps within their Meaningful Use strategies.

  • Affordable for even the smallest practices
  • Enables you to maximize current systems and workflows
  • Improved accessibility to patients and other providers
  • Increased staff productivity and patient satisfaction
  • Improved care coordination for better outcomes

Healthcare reform has emphasized the need for centralized management of patient care being delivered across multiple providers and settings. Accommodating this shift requires changes to how providers operate, including the need for specific technology solutions. To encourage these changes, the government has made available ARRA incentives for providers who adopt technology and demonstrate its meaningful use. The initial criteria for providers to qualify for these incentives include:

  • Electronic prescribing (e-Prescribing)
  • Discrete laboratory results
  • Clinical documentation (vital signs, calculations, history & physical, etc.)
  • Quality data capture and reporting
  • Secure exchange of information with patients and other providers

Minimal Infrastructure

RelayClinical EHR bypasses many of the investment, implementation and infrastructure burdens of traditional EHRs while delivering the functionality ambulatory providers need to demonstrate meaningful use for incentives. Offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), RelayClinical EHR integrates with your workflows for easy implementation and minimized impact on operations and budgets.

Integrated Platform

RelayClinical EHR is modular, so if you only need certain functionality to fill gaps in your meaningful use strategy, you can tailor the solution to include just the elements you need. This advanced technology works with existing clinical systems to leverage current investments, staff knowledge and successes. Likewise, the platform enables diagnoses and procedures to flow into existing practice management systems, further streamlining the overall workflow.

Increased Connectivity with Patients

RelayClinical EHR provides patients with access to online communications such as:

  • Requests for appointments and referrals
  • Lab results, reports, and discharge summaries
  • Secure messages to primary caregivers or office staff
  • Management of medical data in PHRs
  • Access to patient education materials for additional information about illnesses, conditions, procedures, treatments, etc.
  • Medication renewal requests


  • e-Prescribing
  • Manage results, reports, and discharge summaries
  • Document patient visits (in person & online visits)
  • Order tests, treatments and referrals
  • Share records with other providers and patients
  • Send reminders, alerts and other crucial information
  • Exchange/update information for chronic condition management
  • Capture clinical data for quality reporting measures
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