ACO Solutions

For an accountable care organization (ACO), managing the cost and quality of healthcare is paramount. Evolving payment models, such as Medicare ACO programs, require hospital systems to adopt a care collaboration model that connects and aligns physicians across care settings, at both the population and individual patient level.  ACOs and accountable care healthcare systems must balance the interrelated aspects of quality, cost efficiency and overall population health.

Complete patient records support the ACO model

When hospitals and health systems transition to the accountable care organization (ACO) model, it’s necessary to have a complete view of each patient in order to engage patients and improve population health in a cost-efficient manner. To be successful, ACO providers and care managers will need a complete longitudinal health record for each patient, as well as the means to support patient engagement and meaningful use .

A patient’s community health record can span ACO providers and beyond to include:

  • Hospital inpatient data
  • Ambulatory clinical data
  • Prescriptions
  • Diagnostic results
  • Communications with the patient
  • A single sign-on patient portal

RelayHealth Accountable Care solutions provide the patient-provider communication, clinical data repository, HIE interoperability, terminology mapping and EHR integration, patient engagement and patient identity management technology that helps make it all work.

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