Patient Engagement Strategies for Care Coordination

Patient engagement strategies for better health

Patient engagement strategies should empower patients as primary stakeholders in their care. In the care coordination model, patients take an active role in their care. They understand their care plan and feel comfortable reaching out to their care team.

Engaging diverse patient communities and their families and caregivers in a more active and empowered way will require a significant shift in thinking and patient engagement strategies for many providers, especially as care teams seek to serve a high volume of patients at lower cost.

RelayHealth customers are successful in providing reliable, secure and compelling healthcare IT resources for greater patient engagement. In addition to supporting your team in exceeding Meaningful Use targets, our patient engagement strategies can also help improve patient satisfaction and loyalty, support your population health management and quality-of-care goals, and save time for providers and administrative staff.

Engage patients to meet care team goals

Getting patients and their caregivers to take a greater role in their healthcare has long been a goal of many providers, yet patient engagement is often elusive. RelayHealth can help. Our patient engagement tools, including our patient portal software, allow patients and caregivers to quickly get answers to their questions, contact the care team at any hour, and learn how to manage chronic conditions.

Before the office visit and between visits, your patients can:

  • Access their complete health record
  • Update their information
  • Request an appointment
  • Make self-referrals to your physicians and healthcare services
  • Review diagnostic results released by physicians
  • Request a prescription refill
  • Contact the care team via secure messaging
  • Receive physician instructions
  • View patient-centered education resources for better care

Let us help you excel at patient engagement

RelayHealth has deep experience with patient engagement strategies – it’s where our company started and continues to excel. Delivering far greater value beyond checking a box for Meaningful Use, our patient engagement tools can provide your healthcare network with a competitive boost.

Patients who already use the convenient RelayHealth patient portal with other providers will find it convenient to choose hospitals and providers that also use our patient portal. And even when patients do not participate directly in the patient portal, patient engagement can be enhanced by the patient interacting with care coordination team members who collaborate and who come to understand the patient as a whole person through the patient’s longitudinal health record in the RelayHealth clinical data repository.

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