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Vendor-neutral terminology mapping for HIE software

Private-enterprise health information exchange (enterprise HIE) is the most local level of HIE software, typically involving a single non-governmental organization focused on clinical integration of its own workflows across care settings. Often, enterprise HIE involves connecting a regional hospital network with ambulatory practices and community-based services. Ambulatory practices and community-based services often have existing electronic records formats that do not use the same terminology or file formats as the hospital system. That’s why finding a health information exchange vendor with extensive experience in terminology mapping for health information exchange software is so important.

Connecting disparate systems from multiple electronic data sources and scalability are two of the biggest challenges for any HIE software vendor. Data formats and terminology vary between healthcare IT products, requiring expert terminology mapping to provide reliable connectivity.

RelayHealth has the most experience and industry leadership in vendor-neutral HIE software connectivity. RelayHealth’s proven enterprise HIE software connects healthcare IT products from more than more than 120 different electronic systems. In addition, we can provide fast, expert-level custom terminology mapping for systems we have not connected in the past.

HIE terminology mapping at scale

Our experience as a health information exchange vendor is wide as well as deep, having integrated multiple instances of many of healthcare IT products. In addition, RelayHealth has figured out how to connect competing EHR systems quickly and at scale, in part by building an extensive infrastructure of pre-built terminology mapping templates. Once we have integrated a hospital with one ambulatory practice, mapping the other ambulatory practices typically comes very quickly.

RelayHealth continually invest in technology tools and processes to speed time to value for its health information exchange software customers. All customers benefit from changes and terminology mapping templates we make on behalf of others. As a result, the majority of template interfaces are ready out-of-the-box for speeding implementation for new customers and for expanding your network, without a need for significant customization. As a proven and experienced health information exchange vendor, RelayHealth provides software connectivity at scale for enterprise HIEs.

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