RelayHealth Business Partner Solutions

Pervasive Financial Connectivity to Help Drive Business Partner Performance

At RelayHealth, we are committed to our partners, and we are confident we can help you achieve or exceed your goals. Our solutions enable you — and your clients — to enhance operational and financial performance.

  • Accelerate business performance
  • Increase revenue and win new business
  • Differentiate from your competition
  • Improve client satisfaction and retention.

Pervasive Financial Connectivity via an Intelligent Network

With connectivity to 1,900 payers, 2,430 hospitals, and more than 630,000 providers, we are an industry leader with the expertise, scalability and flexibility to offer solutions to fit your unique financial transaction needs. Utilizing our intelligent network, which manages 2.3 billion financial transactions annually with a value of $1.1 trillion, our strengths become your advantage.

RelayHealth Business Partner Solutions help you create a strategic advantage by enhancing the technology and services you offer without making large investments in research and development of new products. We offer a full portfolio of financial transactions including eligibility claims, remits, and claim status. RelayHealth also offers the ability to embed any of our solutions within your systems for a seamless user experience and ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements. Supporting applications and services help ease implementation and ongoing interaction with our financial connectivity platform.

RelayHealth offers a full portfolio of financial transactions including eligibility, claims, remittances, and claim status.

RelayClearance™EDI – Eligibility

Empower Patient Financial Discussions

As patient financial responsibility increases due to consumer driven health plans, unemployment and other economic factors, the ability to have informed financial discussions with patients gains new significance.

RelayClearance EDI is a Web-based solution that helps provide quick, online confirmation of patient eligibility. RelayClearance EDI enables your clients to obtain the most accurate and current insurance information including patient demographics, member and subscriber IDs, coverage status, co-pays and more, if available from the payer. Conversely, the solution can identify Medicaid eligible recipients who were incorrectly classified as self-pay to increase the potential for payment collection.

Empowering patient financial discussions begins with understanding patient eligibility. Make sure your providers have access to current, actionable eligibility information through RelayClearance EDI.

RelayAssurance™ EDI - Claims, Remittances and Claim Status

Streamline Claims Processing

Physician practices, hospitals and health systems need reliable connectivity to exchange claim, remittance and claim status data with government and commercial payers.

RelayAssurance EDI offers professional and institutional claims and remittance processing, allowing you to offer your providers connectivity to more than 1,900 payers without having to manage the many, complex connections.

Our Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC)-accredited financial connectivity platform helps you by formatting, tracking and reporting claim information for clean claims submission and processing. This offering delivers standard ANSI 837 professional and institutional formats to payers for compatibility with HIPAA standards. Standard 835 remittances are returned to the provider.

Additionally, RelayAssurance EDI helps identify claim issues and speeds adjudication by allowing your providers to initiate the submission of solicited claims status requests (276/277) to the payer until final resolution of the claim is achieved.

With pervasive connectivity to payers, your providers can streamline claims processing and accelerate cash.

RelayAssurance™ Attachments

Workers’ Compensation and Property and Casualty (P&C) claims frequently require attachments that you may be processing on paper. Our solution allows you to submit the required attachments electronically to reduce the cost of claims processing, save time, and provide for faster reimbursement.



RelayHealth clearinghouse products including RelayAssurance™ EDI and RelayClearance™ EDI are CAQH CORE® certified and are facilitating electronic administrative data exchange in compliance with the CORE rules.

CORE®, the CORE-certification/Endorser Seals and logo are registered trademarks of CAQH® Copyright 2010, Council For Affordable Quality Healthcare®. All rights reserved.

Simplify Connectivity to Create Strategic Advantages for Your Business

RelayHealth enables you to seamlessly embed our solutions into your existing user interface, as well as eliminate the effort needed to remain compliant with changing standards such as HIPAA 5010, ICD-10 and more.

You no longer need to rely only on the use of electronic mailboxes or FTP to connect your transactions. Integrated connectivity options reduce the maintenance efforts required by older connection protocols, which makes life easier for you and your clients.

Advanced registration and enrollment options significantly speed and ease the administrative task of registering providers and enrolling payers by using one data set to populate multiple forms

RelayHealth offers supporting applications to help you and your clients improve financial and operational results.

Advanced Enrollment Options - We simplify your provider's enrollment process through patented technology that utilizes one initial data set to complete multiple payer enrollment forms at one time. You can utilize a user-friendly enrollment workflow and user interface developed by RelayHealth or build your own for further customization. Through RelayHealth’s advanced enrollment options, you can accelerate enrollments while reducing your operational costs, and even empower your clients to handle enrollments on their own.

RelayAnalytics™ Financial Diagnostics - This provider-friendly solution offers end-to-end, comparative analytics of the revenue cycle to enable more informed decisions for financial and operational improvements.

Support and Audit Tools - Support and audit tools for claims and remittance transactions help easily track claims at the file or claim level, review claim-level status details and gain visibility into remittance status and verification. By understanding what may be causing processing delays, you can address issues to help get processing back on track for your clients.

RelayAssurance™ Practice – A comprehensive, Web-based claims management solution helps automate the management of professional and institutional claims. By offering extensive edits, workflow capabilities, and customizable dashboard views, the tool helps reduce denials, accelerate payment and improve staff productivity.

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