Participate in REMS Programs Without Impacting Pharmacist Workflow

REMS Services from RelayHealth enables retail pharmacies to participate in REMS programs without disrupting the workflow of pharmacists. During prescription processing, REMS verifies enrollment of the prescriber and pharmacy, as well as supports patient enrollment and verification.

Pharmacists are automatically prompted to provide a medication guide and patient counseling to enable safer drug use during the prescription’s life cycle. Since prescription claims are autoadjudicated in real time before drug dispensing, REMS Services utilize embedded business rules to identify whether all safe-use conditions and requirements of the program have been met prior to the prescription being sent to the processor.

  • Allows access to new revenue source
  • Reduces additional compliance workload
  • Expands patient access to important drug therapies
  • Increases patient convenience, satisfaction, and drug adherence

Enhance Revenue Stream Without Increasing Workload

With REMS Services, pharmacies can easily participate in REMS programs without having to manually process compliance information via call centers and Web portals. As result, pharmacies benefit from a new revenue stream and make it convenient for patients to fill their prescriptions at a neighborhood pharmacy.

Nationwide Connectivity

REMS Services connects pharmacies across the nation to a centralized REMS registry. A dashboard provides pharmacy chains with an easy way to track and monitor the stores that are enrolled and verified to participate in the program.


  • Integrated into existing pharmacist workflow
  • Verifies conditions are met before dispensing
  • No software installation required
  • Leverages NCPDP telecommunications standards
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