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Reduce Barriers to Prescribe and Fill with Automated Prior Authorization

Prescriptions that require prior authorization (PA) delay treatment, frustrate patients and can decrease brand adherence. This can result in reluctance among physicians to prescribe the drug, negative patient outcomes, diminished market share and lost revenue.

  • Increases fill rates of original medication choice
  • Increases writing of scripts requiring PA
  • Decreases pharmacy abandonment
  • Improve response time from prescribers
  • Increases patient compliance, adherence and satisfaction

RelayRx™ PriorAuthPlus simplifies the PA process to help ensure that patients receive the prescriptions they were originally prescribed by enabling pharmacies to electronically generate a prior authorization form from a PA-rejected claim. Using claim data, the correct form is automatically populated with patient, prescriber and drug information, and is sent to the prescriber, who can add clinical information, digitally sign it and submit it to plan.

Reduce Barriers to Prescribing and Filling

RelayRx PriorAuthPlus is easy to use. This program reduces barriers often experienced by both prescribers and pharmacists who are tasked with ensuring a patient receives the prescribed drug therapy even when the prescription requires a prior authorization. The pharmacist can submit a prior authorization form directly within their workflow. The prescriber receives the correct form prepopulated with relevant prescription details, making it easier and faster for them to submit the form to the health plan for review.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Streamlining the prior authorization process increases the likelihood that scripts requiring a prior authorization are written, filled and taken appropriately. Using RelayRx PriorAuthPlus results in quicker submission to the plan and improves PA turnaround time. Faster resolution improves patient satisfaction and prevents delays in treatment, which may increase preference for your brand.

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  • Automates the prior authorization form submission process
  • Easy to implement
  • Helps your brand improve patient access and market performance
  • Works with most prescription benefit plans
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