eVoucherRx™ for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Overcome Formulary Disadvantages and Increase Adherence for Your Brands

Many pharmaceutical manufacturers are challenged to increase prescribing and improve adherence to their medications. Formulary and pricing issues means higher patient costs, which discourages prescribers and leads to pharmacy abandonment and/or poor adherence. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, any opportunity to reduce patient costs and increase adherence represents a strategic advantage.

eVoucherRx is a leading edge adherence program that applies electronic coupons at the pharmacy to offset co-pay disadvantages. eVoucherRx usage increases the likelihood that scripts for your therapies are written, filled and taken appropriately. For your “New to Therapy” patients, who have a much greater likelihood of abandoning a prescription than one who is simply refilling, having the tools to achieve these goals is especially crucial.

  • Increased awareness of available co-pay savings
  • Increased scripts written
  • Reduced pharmacy abandonment
  • Improved adherence to therapy
  • Increased physician and patient loyalty

Reduced Barriers to Prescribe and Fill

Physicians are hesitant to prescribe therapies with high co-pays. eVoucherRx can automatically apply co-pay reductions—based on thresholds you determine—during the dispensing process. This eVoucher feature increases scripts written and the likelihood patients will fill and adhere to them.

A Win/Win/Win Solution

With eVoucherRx, physicians can set aside concerns over costs and prescribe the therapy best suited to their patient’s needs. Patients benefit from lower co-pays, and with increased adherence,potentially improved outcomes. As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, you can ensure cost-effective access to your products and increased brand loyalty.


  • “Paperless” solution using electronic coupons at point of dispense
  • Neutralizes co-pay disadvantages in real time
  • Easily implemented on the national and regional level
  • Flexible program with variable co-pay targets and patient benefits
  • Works in tandem with existing card/coupon programs
  • Tools to help promote program to physicians
  • Encourages “New to Therapy” patients by reducing barriers to usage

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eVoucherRx is protected by U.S. Patent Nos. 7,840,424; 7,856,364 and 7,912,741; and U.S. Patents Pending

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