eVoucherRx™ for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Improving Patient Adherence, Accessibility and Outcomes

The continued shift to high-deductible health plans means consumers are being asked to pay more for the care they receive.

eVoucherRx is a leading edge adherence program that applies co-pay savings to qualified prescriptions to help make medications more affordable for the patient. eVoucherRx helps increase the likelihood that scripts for your therapies filled and taken appropriately.

  • Increased awareness of available co-pay savings
  • Reduced patient abandonment
  • Improved adherence to therapy

Reduced Barriers to Accessibility

Physicians are hesitant to prescribe therapies with high co-pays which may limit the therapeutic options they have to treat patients. eVoucherRx can automatically apply co-pay assistance when the patient presents the prescription in the pharmacy.

With eVoucherRx, physicians can set aside concerns over costs and prescribe the therapy best suited to their patient’s needs. Patients benefit from lower our-of-pocket costs, and with increased adherence a better opportunity for improved outcomes.


  • “Paperless” solution using electronic savings at the point of dispense
  • Neutralizes co-pay disadvantages in real time
  • Easily implemented on the national and regional level
  • Flexible program with variable co-pay targets and patient benefits

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eVoucherRx is protected by U.S. Patent Nos. 7,840,424; 7,856,364 and 7,912,741; and U.S. Patents Pending

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