eVoucherRx™ for Retail Pharmacies

Automatically Apply Electronic Coupons at the Point of Dispensing

eVoucherRx™ from RelayHealth automatically applies electronic coupons for selected brand-name medications when the prescription is processed by your pharmacy system. By reducing patients’ out-of-pocket costs, eVoucherRx reduces the cost barrier to medication compliance, and promotes increased adherence and future refills.

  • Makes it easier for patients to receive the co-pay savings
  • Increases pharmacist efficiency by reducing workflow interruptions
  • Boosts number of prescriptions filled due to affordability
  • Reduces prescription abandonment
  • Increases patient compliance with therapy

Improve Pharmacist Efficiency

eVoucherRx evaluates the prescription as it is submitted via the pharmacy system, and automatically applies the co-pay savings to qualified claims. This saves time and reduces workflow interruptions, as the pharmacist or pharmacy technician do not need to submit an additional Coordination of Benefits claim.

Increase Preference for Your Pharmacy

Patients will be more likely to become repeat customers when they realize that your pharmacy may save them money. Upon learning about your pharmacy’s use of eVoucherRx, physicians may be more likely to increase referrals to your business because the cost savings will encourage their patients to fill their prescriptions and stay adhere to medication regimens.

Designed for Commercial Insurance Plans

eVoucherRx is designed for patients with commercial insurance coverage. The eVoucherRx system automatically excludes government-sponsored programs and cash claims, and cannot be used at pharmacies in states that prohibit co-pay assistance at the point of dispensing.

Protected by U.S. Patent Nos. 7,840,424; 7,856,364 and 7,912,741; and U.S. Patents Pending


  • Automatically applies electronic coupon savings to co-pay
  • Paperless solution
  • Works in real-time at the point of dispensing
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