Achieve operational efficiency through care coordination

Automate and streamline workflows and reduce redundant referrals with Care Coordination Software

With a changing healthcare reimbursement landscape, hospitals can’t rely on a cost-plus model for delivering care. Health systems need to improve operational efficiency. Hospitals and employed and affiliated physicians can achieve their operational efficiency goals through the use of care coordination software. 

In a care coordination model, EHRs used by provider members are connected and integrated, and the resulting data is aggregated into a secure data repository to form a longitudinal community health record accessible to all providers.

Care coordination software should allow care team members to communicate and initiate referrals instantaneously using secure messaging. This way, care coordination can be done electronically at the provider’s convenience, without needing to pick up a phone, wait for a callback or send a fax.

For operational efficiency, providers need immediate access to the patient’s community health record, without waiting for more time-consuming records transfers, such as requesting photocopies, having records shipped, or relying upon patients to share information. Care coordination solutions should provide all care team members with up-to-date information in near real time, at the point of care.

Broadcast messaging is another way to save office time, particularly to address routine care needs or gaps in care. For example, it could be used to send reminders about routine screenings, such as mammograms, or even to send patient education materials to diabetics.

Care coordination software that includes a patient portal increases patient engagement by enabling electronic patient-provider communication and providing patients access to their own records, along with requesting appointments and prescriptions refills, or viewing results electronically.

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