Improve Medication Adherence & Accessibility

Take a Custom Approach to Improve Medication Adherence

Non-adherence to medications is responsible for a third to two-thirds of medication-related hospital readmissions, and 20 percent of discharged patients experience an adverse event that is largely medication related. Pharmacists may be the most effective healthcare professionals in prompting patients to take medications as prescribed.

Addressing medication adherence and reconciliation issues can improve care quality and cost efficiency within a healthcare system. The adoption of specific protocols and technologies for medication reconciliation, and counseling by pharmacists to help improve medications adherence, can significantly reduce adverse reactions and see greater outcomes.

RelayHealth connects 50,000 of the nation’s pharmacies with customized patient medication adherence solutions that improve patient safety and compliance. Our solutions help improve patient drug compliance and leverage assistance programs so that patients benefit from lower out-of-pocket costs, resulting in increased adherence to therapy and improving the likelihood of successful treatment.

Additional Information

RelayHealth provides solutions customized for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and the Retail Pharmacy to meet the differing needs across the healthcare landscape. Take a moment to explore our solutions, and be sure to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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