Engage Patients & Improve Access

Help Patients Manage & Engage in their Healthcare

An actively engaged and empowered patient population must understand their health, their conditions, and their role in health management. Engaging patients and their family/caregivers in a more active and empowered way will require a significant shift in thinking and business for many providers, as well as a reconsideration of staffing resources and competencies to meet the needs of diverse populations.

Financially engage patients at all points of service, starting with pre-service and ending with post-service management. Actively integrate patient engagement into the care process, and give them access to pertinent EHR data and a range of personal health management and health information tools. Leverage the coordination of care and care management activities integral to the PCMH model with industry-leading solutions.

Increase volume while delivering the care your patients expect. Give them a single point-of-contact with your organization via telephone or the Web, and offer them real-time online access to enroll in classes or make self-referrals to your physicians and healthcare services.

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