Preserve and Grow Market Share

Adopt a physician alignment strategy to secure more referral business

From the Chief Medical Officer to the Chief Information Officer, coordinating your hospital or health systems to better support physician alignment and referrals is no small task.

Community physicians have choices. They can refer their patients to your health system – or they can opt for your competitors. And with each physician generating up to $1 million or more in referral business, you don’t want that business to go elsewhere. It is simply smart business to develop a physician alignment strategy.

With physician alignment software you can make it easier for physicians to send patients to your facility. What’s more, automated workflows can be more efficient for your diagnostic services departments, while minimizing errors and allowing you to repurpose staff for other tasks.

As electronic medical record (EMR) adoption rises, it’s important to allow physicians to connect using their own EMR and help them get the most out of their EMR workflows – This can make it easier for physicians to refer patients to you and receive the diagnostic results.

A robust physician alignment solution can boost your diagnostic business by connecting your diagnostic services systems directly into your employed and community physicians’ EMRs, so you can preserve and grow market share – without having to add additional administrative staff. 

A physician-hospital alignment solution should enable physicians to:

  • Place diagnostic orders using their EMR’s native interface
  • Route orders electronically to your facilities
  • Obtain results electronically in their native EMR interface, with the correct patient ID, and order ID
  • Improve their care coordination program across care settings

See how RelayHealth’s physician alignment solution can improve your referral business to help you preserve and grow market share.

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