Measure and Manage Clinical Connectivity in Your CIN

Succeeding as a clinically integrated network

Physicians in a clinically integrated network (CIN) want to produce the best clinical outcomes for individual patients and contribute to superior group performance for financial success. But do your physicians have the tools they need to do it?

RelayHealth solutions have a proven track record of helping clinically integrated networks bring together disparate electronic health records (EHRs) with our Enterprise HIE Solutions to create community health record for group collaboration. We also have the advanced analytics to measure and manage the quality of care and promote guideline compliance at the individual physician, group and network levels in a clinically integrated network.

Our clinical connection solutions for clinically integrated networks allow you to connect and interoperate EHRs from different systems in a clinical data repository. Our clinical integration engine provides advanced patient identity management and terminology mapping to connect disparate systems. All of this in a cloud-based data warehouse that meets the standards of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to ensure security and privacy.

Our clinical integration platform brings together EHRs, claims, labs, pharmacy benefits (PBMs) and clinical data, regardless of source file format. This data is then available throughout your clinically integrated network. Best practice care guidelines are built in for use by providers at the point-of-care. Criteria to identify patients at risk and gaps in care makes it easy to drive quality of care health improvements at scale. Exception tracking supports the identification of patients who refuse care or aren’t eligible for a specific guideline, so the data is continuously improved.

Our CIN software is the industry's leading tool for measuring and managing quality of care across your clinical integrated network, including

  • Robust data acquisition and aggregation of multiple data sources as well as real-time data entry
  • Detailed, standardized reports, ad hoc reports and drill down to detail
  • Drives better population health, disease management and preventative care
  • Performance management and improvement supports pay-for-performance (P4P) initiatives
  • PQRS reporting that streamlines documentation
  • HEDIS compliance guidelines
  • Helps improve patient health while reducing medical cost

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