RelayHealth understands the conversion to the 5010 standard is a mission-critical industry initiative. Our focus is to make the process as simple and seamless as possible for our customers.

RelayHealth Readiness

RelayHealth has been working on 5010 readiness since 2009 and achieved CMS Level 1 compliance well ahead of the CMS guideline. We are actively testing with payers and assisting providers with 5010 conversions and orchestrating their collective migrations to the new standard in plenty of time for the December 31, 2011, Level 2 compliance deadline.

RelayHealth is able to accept 5010 files. In fact, we can convert 4010 files to the 5010 format, or vice versa, based on what the provider is submitting and the payer is accepting. We have been working with customers since September 2010 to prepare and assist them as they transition to 5010.

Payer Readiness

RelayHealth has contacted all of our payers and understands their 5010 readiness plans. On behalf of our provider customers, we have been actively coordinating, planning and testing with payers since fall 2010. RelayHealth customers do not have to engage in payer testing as we are performing this service on their behalf. The readiness levels and dates for individual payers are regularly communicated to customers via the Customer Service website.

Provider Readiness

We continue to encourage providers to upgrade their patient accounting and/or practice management systems to produce content to support either 5010 eligibility or claim transactions sent through RelayHealth.

Proactive Customer Communication

RelayHealth is focused on helping our customers achieve 5010 readiness, and customer communications can readily be found on the Customer Service websites. Our Customer Support and Account Executive teams are available to answer any questions customers may have.

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