“I appreciate all communication about the ICD-10 update. Thank you for your proactive approach to ICD-10.”

- Willene Herrin, Director, Financial Services, Hattiesburg Clinic


"Valuable information:  that you've been proactive in preparing for ICD-10, that RelayHealth can send ICD-10 compliant claims, that Aetna was able to process the ICD-10 claims."

- Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic


“It was helpful to learn what steps RelayHealth is taking to prepare for ICD-10, and it was particularly helpful to hear the results of your payer survey.”

- Cindy Asbury, ICD-10 Project Manager, Saint Thomas Health


"It was helpful to know that at least one major end-to-end test has been done, from provider, through RelayHealth, to payer, and back! It’s nice to know it was successful!"

- Cindy Mlay, Financial Application Administrator / IS, Knox Community Hospital 


“Thank you so much for this information. It really helps us in our struggle to make sure as many payers as possible are ready and able to test. This helps us mark one more thing off our list of “IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO”. Thanks again.”

- Mary Ann Kiser, RMH Healthcare

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