As of October 2013, RelayHealth’s financial solutions were ready to process ICD-10 claims – two full years ahead of the new October 2015 deadline. RelayHealth invested significant resources to prepare our systems well in advance of the original deadline so we could turn our focus to helping our customers in their preparation efforts related to claims processing.

What’s in it for you?

To ensure that all RelayHealth customers could perform ICD-10 testing, we developed a comprehensive, no-cost ICD-10 testing program. The Testing Program includes several key elements to help in your successful transition to ICD-10. Watch a short video about RelayHealth testing options.

CriteriaTesting Options
All Provider Customers

Validation Testing. Customers can send ICD-10 test claims to RelayHealth for code set validation of ICD-10-CM (Clinical Modification) for diagnosis and ICD-10-PCS (Procedure Coding System) for inpatient hospital procedures.

Provider Customers Not Selected by Payers to Test

Self-Supported Payer Testing. RelayHealth provides a self-supported option that allows providers to send ICD-10 837 test files on their own timetable and receive 835 test files in return.

Provider Customers Selected by Payers to Test

Full End-to-End Payer Testing. RelayHealth uses a true end-to-end process to submit electronic ICD-10 test claims to participating payers of the RelayHealth Testing Program and receive test remittances.

Dynamic Payer Testing Readiness Dashboard

The Payer Testing Readiness Dashboard allows you to find the testing status of payers, the range of testing the payer will offer, the payer’s next scheduled test run through, and the payer’s testing results. Even if payers are not testing with every organization, RelayHealth customers will have visibility into how testing with those payers is going for other organizations.

Compliance with ICD-10 is a mission-critical issue for your organization. To learn the steps you should be taking and how RelayHealth’s testing process can help, download our e-book Confidence, Visibility, Control. Is Your Organization Adequately Preparing for ICD-10?

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