Achieve Operational Efficiency

Coordinate care across care settings with a community health record

Controlling costs and achieving profitability is always a challenge for hospitals and hospital systems. As the healthcare industry moves beyond fee-for-service and embraces new reimbursement models, hospital operational efficiency becomes more critical than ever. One path to achieve operational efficiency is through better care coordination.

A typical patient may see multiple providers in a variety of care settings, both within your network and beyond.  While each provider maintains records about the patient, that information is often siloed. Obtaining and sharing information about the patient is tedious, time-consuming and fraught with errors. As a result, providers may order redundant tests or even provide care based on incomplete information.

To support operational efficiency, hospitals first need to connect and integrate clinical data across care settings, and present a more complete, up-to-date view of your patient’s health and healthcare needs. Secondly, hospitals need to streamline the flow of information whether it is to order tests and prescriptions, share lab results or to inform another provider of a recent hospital admission or surgical procedure.

Care coordination solutions should have the ability to:

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