Patient Centered Medical Home

Patient-Centered Medical Home Model

The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a key initiative for updating and improving existing care delivery models is. Its core principles -- clinical integration, care collaboration, patient access, and health data analytics -- are integral to RelayHealth solutions.

Hospitals and health systems interested in establishing PCMH must find solutions to reduce barriers to collaboration across a diverse medical community. They must also enhance access to care by electronically sharing clinical information, and providing secure messaging to communicate with providers. Simultaneously enabling providers and patients to communicate and collaborate around patient care is a core goal of PCMH, and is also the key technical hurdle to be overcome.

RelayHealth’s PCMH solution can help you:

  • Improve Care Coordination
    • Appropriate use of the HIE functionality would facilitate increased efficiency of care through optimized system resource utilization and reduced redundancy of care.
  • Increase Physician Outreach and Alignment
    • Align community providers with the health system by constructing efficient community wide HIE infrastructure
    • Coordinate practice improvement implementation to bolster loyalty and market presence in the community
    • Align community and system resources around an optimized foundation of primary care services
  • Streamline and Coordinate Workflow
    • Optimize workflows within practices around effective Team-Based Care principles
    • Align practice workflows with those of the healthcare system and community resources such as pharmacies
  • Make Quality Measurable and Actionable
  • Create a Patient-Centered Care Experience
    • Improve patient access to care through implementation of Advanced Access principles
    • Improve patient access to crucial, personal health information
    • Leverage technology to activate patients as a central part of the care team
  • Enable the Pursuit of Meaningful Use
    • Equip practices with the tools they need to fulfill Stage 1 & Stage 2 criteria
    • Optimize practice workflows to meet the Stage 1 & Stage 2 criteria

RelayHealth’s web-based solutions position you for success through:

  • Strong Value Model
    • Offers hospitals an enterprise solution that supports connectivity to providers with or without an EHR solution
  • Patient-Centered Care Alignment
    • Delivers the ability to better align medical staff by clinically integrating physicians already deployed on EHRs and those who need a front end application. Physicians may participate according to their existing technology footprint , ranging from either basic data connectivity all the way to the full suite of RelayClinical solutions
  • Patient Connectivity
    • Improves patient loyalty through better access to clinical information from the delivery system and community of physicians
  • Facilitates Health Information Exchange
    • Allows participating hospitals or health systems to clinically integrate based on the needs within their community and empowers meaningful and effective care coordination. Involves the patient or consumer as a key stakeholder, building a complete patient health record
  • Meaningful Use Support Package
    • Enables eligible hospitals and professionals to maximize their current systems and workflows. Facilitates improved accessibility to patients and other providers and increases staff productivity and patient satisfaction

With a secure and interoperable platform to support the healthcare IT infrastructure necessary to enable a PCMH environment, RelayHealth can ensure that patients’ relevant health data is available when needed at the primary care level from various sources, including pharmacies, clinical labs, hospitals, and other medical providers.

RelayHealth partners with services firms to offer a comprehensive approach to transitioning healthcare practices to the PCMH model, including the underlying workflow and process transformation required. By addressing both technology deployment and the underlying practice transformation as complementary processes, we enable our clients to create the foundation for a successful certified PCMH and for future care models.

Using a common platform will enable you and other providers to operationalize Medical Home needs while minimizing disruption to existing systems and workflows. By meeting these criteria, you can implement the technology to successfully establish PCMH.

Learn more about how RelayHealth helps customers establish PCMH, while maintaining successful health information technology deployment, by contacting us today.

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