Revenue Optimization Strategies

Improve physician alignment to optimize hospital revenue

While many hospitals focus on cost savings and operational efficiency as a way to optimize revenues, there are other ways to make positive contributions to the bottom line.

Today’s healthcare environment is one of choices. From standalone imaging centers and outpatient surgery centers to national labs, providers often have a choice in where to refer their patients – and patients have a choice of providers and care settings. By making your hospital system the preferred choice for both providers and patients, you can preserve and grow revenue share and optimize revenues.

Build a community of affiliated providers

Humans are creatures of habit. Providers will often refer patients to their usual labs unless you make it easier to do business with you. One way to do that is to embed the referral, ordering and results process into the provider’s primary EHR. Enterprise HIE solutions with physician alignment capabilities allow providers to work within their preferred environment, while making the ordering process as simple as clicking a button.

Additionally, this information can then be populated in the patient’s longitudinal patient records, giving the provider a more complete and up-to-date view of their patient’s healthcare, beyond confines of their office. This enables providers to be more efficient, more informed – and more loyal to your hospital.

Physician alignments solutions should offer:

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